Thermal Energy

Great Island

SSE’s core purpose is to responsibly provide the energy and related services needed now and in the future. As one of the largest, and most diverse, power generators in the UK and Ireland, SSE operates a multi-billion-pound portfolio of thermal generation and gas storage assets. These assets help ensure a robust electricity system by providing reliable capacity at scale, while playing a key part in the transition to a low-carbon world.

SSE's thermal energy portfolio in Ireland includes the 464MW CCGT power station at Great Island, Co. Wexford, the 620MW Tarbert power plant in Co. Kerry, and two smaller 104MW peaker plants at Rhode in Offaly and Tawnaghmore in Mayo.

All units at each of SSE's four thermal operational sites hold generation capacity contracts up to September 2020, which SSE successfully secured in the latest Capacity Auction.

SSE is currently progressing a proposal to develop a new 200MW+ oil-fired Open Cycle Gas Turbine Peaker Power Plant at a greenfield site at Carranstown, Co. Meath. The proposed overall development will provide strategic support to the national electricity system during peak times, providing electricity backup when customer demand exceeds generation supply. This will assist in ensuring and maintaining security of supply in the region.