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We believe flexible and efficient thermal energy will play a critical role in the transition to a net zero future, complementing renewable generation and maintaining security of supply.

In SSE Thermal, we own and operate an industry-leading fleet of Flexible Generation, Energy-from-Waste, and Energy Storage assets across the UK and Ireland.

Our portfolio in Ireland includes the 464MW Great Island CCGT in Co. Wexford, the 620MW Tarbert Power Station in Co. Kerry, and two smaller 104MW peaker plants at Rhode in Co. Offaly and Tawnaghmore in Co. Mayo.

All units at each of our four operational sites hold generation capacity contracts up to September 2020, which SSE Thermal successfully secured in the latest Capacity Auction.

We're actively exploring ways to decarbonise our thermal assets through emerging opportunities in carbon capture, usage and storage (CCUS) and hydrogen.

We’re already looking at the potential to develop new projects where we can deploy these technologies, and we will not develop any further gas-fired power stations unless they have a clear route to decarbonisation.

By building on our established skills in asset management and project development, our vision is to become the leading generator of flexible thermal energy in a zero-carbon world.