Bessy Bell III

  • Category: Renewable
  • Energy type: Onshore wind
  • Project type: Project

Bessy Bell III is a 32.2MW project, located near SSE's exisiting 14MW Bessy Bell I & II projects. 

We began an environmental impact assessment (EIA) in November 2010 on a 500 acre site for 14 turbines including the removal of 10 existing turbines and the repowering of the existing Bessy Bell I site. If constructed the combined capacity of the three Bessy Bell projects would increase to 41.2MW

Quick Overview

SSE Renewables is currently planning Bessy Bell 3, which is a repowering of the existing wind farm at Bessy Bell 1, as well as an extension to existing turbines at Bessy Bell 2, totalling 32.2MW* of newly installed wind power generation. Adding to the 9MW of existing turbines at Bessy Bell 2, this will result in the newly repowered and extended Bessy Bell Wind Farm generating 41.2MW* of green energy when completed.

* MW based on expected turbine selection as at March 2013; actual MW may be subject to change.

Bessy Bell Wind Farm

Bessy Bell is an onshore wind farm operating at a capacity of 14MW. The wind farm consists of 16 turbines, 10 with a rating of 500KW and 6 with a rating of 1.5MW. Phase 1 of he site has been generating energy since 1995, with phase II generating energy since October of 2008.


We recognise that our investments in new electricity generation benefit from the co-operation of the local community in a variety of ways, particularly during the construction phase. In recognition of this, our policy is to establish long-term funds to support community projects in areas where we are developing generation projects. 

Please visit our Community page for more information. 

Bessy Bell Extension

Project Information

Bessy Bell 3 replacing Bessy Bell 1

Current: 10 turbines (500 kW): 60 Metres (tip height)
Proposed: 10 turbines (2.3 MW*) replacing existing turbines: 4 turbines are 115 Metres and 6 turbines are 126.5 Metres (tip height)

Bessy Bell 2 Extension

Current: 6 turbines (1.5 MW): 100 Metres (tip height); these turbines will remain in operation
Proposed: 4 turbines (2.3 MW*) in addition to existing 6 turbines: all 4 turbines are 115 Metres (tip height)

* MW based on expected turbine selection as at March 2013; actual MW may be subject to change.