SSE publishes 'Pathways to Decarbonisation' manifesto

On Saturday Ireland will head to the polls at the end of an unpredictable election campaign. Whilst the vote count will take some days, the process of forming the new government could take a good deal longer, with parties needing to negotiate priorities and key policies for the next 5 years.

These discussions come at a critical time for Ireland in the fight against Climate Change. COP26, to be held in Glasgow in November, will likely see countries called upon to make commitments on climate action beyond those made before. The EU is also seeking to increase its ambitions and confirm a net zero carbon emissions target for 2050.

We’ve seen growing demand for increased action, with the Citizen’s Assembly recommendations last year echoing the message from youth climate protests, calling for greater urgency from policymakers.  We saw that greater urgency reflected in the ambitious target announced by the government for 70% renewable electricity by 2030.  However, there is still significantly more to be done as we look at how Ireland can decarbonise during the next decade and beyond.

SSE has launched “Pathways to Decarbonisation”, outlining the key steps we see to decarbonise Ireland’s economy, and the policy priorities that those in the next government should look towards. These 7 priorities are:

  1. Back a renewables led transition to net zero
  2. Drive the development of an offshore wind industry in Ireland
  3. Ensure the planning system facilitates renewable infrastructure projects
  4. Ensure a stable, transitional policy environment in the UK and Ireland through the Brexit transition and future relationship
  5. Decarbonising the built environment
  6. Driving the uptake of electric vehicles
  7. Consumers and the low carbon transition

The time for action is now. As the largest wind generator in Ireland, SSE’s vision is to be a leading energy provider in a low-carbon world. We believe that an ambitious, economy-wide decarbonisation agenda, utilising Ireland’s natural renewable energy and offshore resources, will put us on course to meet our net zero ambition. Customers will be at the heart of this transition, with the renewables transition delivering investment, jobs and regional development, whilst providing competitively priced, sustainable and reliable energy.

Whichever party forms the next government, we stand ready to work with them on driving forward this decarbonisation agenda for Ireland.

Download the manifesto here