Climate Action Plan a major step forward

SSE has welcomed the publication of the Irish Government’s Climate Action Plan today as a major step forward in Ireland’s response to climate change.

The Plan includes key actions relating to the development of offshore wind energy, which mirror policy proposals that SSE has been advocating for some time to kick-start an offshore wind revolution here. These include a new 70% target of electricity generated by renewables by 2030, specific targets for the deployment of offshore wind capacity, and actions to remove regulatory and licencing obstacles to enable this.

Stephen Wheeler, Country Manager for SSE in Ireland, said:

“Offshore wind energy can power the low-carbon revolution needed to bridge the gap towards meeting Ireland’s 2030 climate and energy targets. This Climate Action Plan provides clear signals to investors and the industry supply chain that Ireland is finally “open-for-business” for offshore wind.

“The development of a thriving offshore wind energy industry here will ensure multi-billion-euro investments in low-carbon generation, the creation of skilled regional jobs and supply-chain development, and the regeneration of local ports around the island.

“We also look forward to working with Government and other stakeholders to design and develop measures to improve energy efficiency through retrofitting domestic and commercial buildings, and electrifying heat and transport, in a way that’s optimal for customers.

“SSE is committed to working with all stakeholders in the months and years ahead to deliver the actions contained in the Climate Action Plan so that Ireland can become a leader in responding to climate change.”