Provisional Results of T-1 Capacity Auction

SSE is pleased to confirm that all units at its four thermal generation plants in Ireland have provisionally secured Capacity Contracts for the capacity year 2020/21.

This includes the company’s Great Island CCGT plant (389MW) in Co. Wexford, Tarbert power plant (465MW) in Co. Kerry, and two smaller peaker plants at Rhode in Co. Offaly (94MW) and Tawnaghmore in Co. Mayo (94MW)*.

Through the latest T-1 Capacity Auction, the System Operators have provisionally awarded 7,606MW of Total Capacity Contracts to electricity generators and demand side response units at an auction clearing price of €46,150/MW.

The provisional results are subject to approval by the Regulatory Authorities and are expected to be confirmed on 30 January 2020.

The results of the T-2 Auction, for the capacity year 2021/22, are due to be announced later this month.

*The volumes given include a de-rating factor applied in accordance with the rules set by the System Operators and approved by the Regulatory Authorities.