SSE Airtricity unveils new home energy offers as prices go down again

From Monday, 1 August, SSE Airtricity is cutting its standard gas and electricity unit rates, as well as standing charges, by 5%. These price cuts will save the company’s 400,000 new and existing home energy customers1 up to €101 annually.2 

This is the third home energy price cut in a row from SSE Airtricity and means that over the last 18 months, the company has helped its customers save over €1852 on average.

On top of this latest price cut, SSE Airtricity is also launching its newest home energy offers and, for the first time, is offering the same great home energy discount to all customers, whether new or existing.

New! Great 10% discount now available to both new and existing customers

SSE Airtricity is now offering the same great one-year 10% discount3 off its standard home electricity and gas unit rates to all customers, whether a new home energy customer switching to SSE Airtricity or an existing customer renewing their contract. Electricity-only customers choosing the new 10% one year discount will save €943 while dual-fuel customers will save €1693.

Free Climote valued €399 for existing customers

Existing customers who choose to stay with SSE Airtricity for two years will get an 8% Reward Discount, saving a dual-fuel customer €1353 each year, plus free Climote remote heating controls (RRP€399) to give householders greater control of their home energy use. This offer is available until 30 September 2016.

Up to €150 Welcome Credit for new customers – or bigger discounts if they prefer

New customers switching to SSE Airtricity’s 10% discounted home energy will also get additional Free Credit of up to €150 to welcome them to SSE Airtricity. On top of the great 10% discount, new electricity-only customers will get €120 Welcome Credit while new dual-fuel gas and electricity customers will get Welcome Credit of €150, the biggest free credit bonus available in the switching market. This means that new dual-fuel customers switching to SSE Airtricity for both gas and electricity can get a bumper combined 10% discount and Welcome Credit saving of almost €320.

SSE Airtricity also has new offers for customers who prefer discounts to credits – instead of free Welcome Credit, customers can choose a discount of up to 20% against standard home energy unit rates, whether electricity-only or dual fuel.

Ongoing 4% discount for all standard plan DD and eBilling customers

All SSE Airtricity Standard Plan customers automatically receive an ongoing 4% unit rate discount for choosing direct debit and eBilling4, saving customers €683 annually on top of the €101 savings from the August 1 price cuts. SSE Airtricity automatically applies ongoing discounts to home energy accounts after introductory price plans end. These automatic discounts are based on a customer’s preferred payment and billing methods, do not require any opt-in or contract and have no end date.

If you would like to join SSE Airtricity for our best offers for new customers, you can switch here now.

If you are an existing customer and you wish to upgrade to SSE Airtricity’s new 10% Reward Discount or 8% Reward Discount plus Climote, you can do so here.

  1. Price cut applies to existing electricity and natural gas customers and all new customers switching to SSE Airtricity. SSE Airtricity provides electricity and natural gas to 401,984 Domestic customers. Figures quoted based on latest Q1 2016 Electricity and Gas Retail Markets Report, published by the Commission for Energy Regulation, July 2016.
  2. All savings based on a home energy customer on Standard 24hr credit meter tariffs with typical annual consumption of 5,300 kWh for electricity and 13,800 kWh for natural gas. Savings quoted rounded to the nearest Euro value and are inclusive of applicable levies and VAT; actual savings vary according to meter type, individual tariff and consumption. Over €185 saving based on SSE Airtricity 5% gas and electricity price cuts from 1 August ‘16 (€101) combined with 4% gas and 2% electricity price cuts from 1 April ‘15 (€61); and 2% electricity price cut from 11 January ‘16 (€24).
  3. Savings quoted for new 10% and 8% unit rate discounts and for 4% Standard Plan unit rate discount against standard rates and also based on typical customer usage. 10% discounted and 8% discounted products subject to one-year and two-year fixed term contracts respectively. Maximum discounts based on customers choosing Direct Debit and eBilling.
  4. 64% of SSE Airtricity Standard Plan customers automatically receive a 4% discount for choosing direct debit and eBilling. Other automatic Standard Plan discounts include a 3% discount for choosing direct debit, and a 1% discount for eBilling.