SSE contributes billions to Irish and UK economies

Ahead of its Preliminary Results next week, energy firm SSE revealed it has contributed around £45.4bn to the UK economy and around €4.3bn to the Irish economy over the last five years.

The study, which was commissioned by SSE and conducted by professional services firm PwC, estimated that the company contributed £8.9bn and €805m to the UK and Irish economies respectively during 2015/16. The findings also show that SSE supported almost 120,000 jobs across the UK and Ireland in the last financial year.
Alistair Phillips-Davies, Chief Executive of SSE, said: “Financial results measure a company’s annual performance but SSE’s impact on society is much wider. These figures show we contribute greatly to the overall economy helping to create and maintain jobs not just in SSE but in thousands of small, medium and large businesses across the UK and Ireland.”
In 2015 SSE included its economic impact within its year-end financial results for the first time to improve reporting transparency. SSE is already one of the most transparent reporting companies in the FTSE 100 and is accredited by the UK’s Fair Tax Mark for its clear and open accounting practices and approach to tax.