SSE Airtricity partners with permanent tsb to help customers Explore great savings

SSE Airtricity, Ireland’s second largest energy provider, is offering its customers cashback on all direct debits paid through permanent tsb’s new Explore Account.

SSE Airtricity has partnered with permanent tsb to bring Explore Account holders great savings on their electricity and gas bills. Explore Account customers who pay their SSE Airtricity bills by direct debit will receive 2% of every payment back into their bank account at the start of each month.

The Explore Account, which is available from Wednesday 1 June, is the first current account of its kind in Ireland, delivering cashback to customers when they use it. Explore Account customers will be paid 10 cent every time they use their debit card in-store or online up to a maximum of €5 per month, as well as receiving cashback on their direct debit payments with partnering companies, including SSE Airtricity.

Yvonne Burke, Head of Domestic Energy at SSE Airtricity, said:

“SSE Airtricity customers who have an Explore Account will get a percentage of their money back on every direct debit they pay with us. As a company that is committed to innovation, the unique concept of the Explore Account really resonated with us. This is a new and exciting way for us to reward our customers, both new and existing, and it’s another reason for people to switch to SSE Airtricity.”

Customers can sign-up to the Explore Account in all permanent tsb branches from Wednesday 1 June. For further information, please visit