Aviva Stadium goes green and kicks fossil fuels to touch

Aviva Stadium has signed a new contract with SSE Airtricity that kicks fossil fuels to touch and supplies the stadium with all of its power needs through 100% renewable energy. This is the first time ever that Aviva Stadium has ‘gone green’ for its power supply needs and with the move the stadium becomes the first of all of the stadia in the RBS 6 Nations to be fully powered by clean, green renewable energy.

Under the deal SSE Airtricity, Ireland’s largest provider of wind power, is supplying 100% green electricity as well as gas to the home of Irish rugby and soccer in Ireland. This means that from turnstile to pitch, the power behind Aviva Stadium is 100% green.

By switching to SSE Airtricity’s 100% green energy power supply Aviva Stadium is giving the boot to its carbon footprint and is saving the environment a total of 2,382 tonnes of harmful carbon dioxide emissions in 2016*. This saving is equivalent to the carbon stored by 22 acres of mature rainforest** or the fuel emitted by a jet airplane circumnavigating Earth 500 times.

Speaking at the announcement of the new contract Martin Murphy, Stadium Director at Aviva Stadium, said: “We are delighted to have partnered with SSE Airtricity to power Aviva Stadium with 100% clean, green energy. As the leading provider of renewable power, choosing SSE Airtricity as our energy supplier was an easy decision and reaffirms our commitment towards putting sustainability at the heart of everything we do, including in our energy use and environmental policies. As a result of this decision Aviva Stadium proudly becomes the first of all of the stadia in the RBS 6 Nations to be powered by clean, green energy and in this way is playing its part to help kick fossil fuels to touch for good.”

Stephen Gallagher, Head of Business Energy at SSE Airtricity, said: “As Ireland’s largest provider of wind power and a proud supporter of sport at all levels we’re honoured to be the new energy behind Aviva Stadium, the home of Irish soccer and rugby. At Aviva Stadium, the jerseys, the seats and the pitch have always been green – now, by switching to SSE Airtricity, the energy at the stadium becomes 100% green. In addition to power supply, our expert team of business energy specialists will work with stadium management to identify additional savings that can be made through energy efficiency measures. As the stadium’s new green energy provider we’re looking forward to partnering with Martin and his team to help give the Aviva Stadium’s carbon footprint the boot.”

* 2,382 tonnes of carbon dioxide offset based on Aviva Stadium’s projected annual power load of 6,437MWh and calculated using latest published All-Island Average CO2 Emissions of 0.370t/MWh (Commission for Energy Regulation, 2014).

** An acre of mature forest stores 109 tonnes of carbon dioxide on average (The Woodland Trust).