SSE makes €956m contribution to Irish economy

An independent study conducted by global professional services firm, PwC has found that energy utility SSE delivered a €956m boost to Ireland’s economy during 2014.

The report examines the direct contribution of SSE to employment and Gross Domestic Product (GDP). It also considers the indirect economic impact of SSE’s supply chain spending with ROI companies, as well as the impact generated in the wider economy as a result of wage expenditure through its own employees, and those in the wider supply chain.

The report’s main findings are:

  • SSE contributed €956m to Irish GDP (equivalent of 0.6% of Irish GDP in 2013), during the financial year 2014;
  • SSE supported 5,950 jobs in Ireland (equivalent to 0.3% of total ROI employment in 2013);
  • Over the past three years, SSE contributed €2,502m to Ireland’s economy.

Gregor Alexander, Finance Director and Lead Executive of Ireland for SSE, said:

"The core purpose of SSE Airtricity is to provide the energy that people and businesses need to thrive and prosper across the island of Ireland. In carrying out this purpose we have a responsibility to ensure this purpose is delivered in a reliable and sustainable way, both now and for the long term.

"Today’s report is part of our commitment to increasing transparency regarding the impacts our business activities have for society, the environment and the economy. If we know what the impacts are then we can do more to maximise positive impacts whilst minimising any adverse outcomes.

"SSE has steadily grown its Irish business over recent years and now serves around 500,000 customers. Ireland is also an important source of materials for our supply chain and consequently we have contributed over €2,502m to the Irish economy over the last three years. The financial year 2014 accounted for €956m of this and supported over 5,900 jobs.

"Through local investment, job creation and new infrastructure development and supply chain sourcing, the SSE brand has established itself as one of Ireland’s leading energy utilities, and we look forward to continuing to build our business throughout Ireland in to the future.”

You can view the full report here.