Eco-Schools switch on to Airtricity's Power Down Day

More than 150 primary and secondary schools from across Northern Ireland are today ‘switching on’ to Airtricity’s Power Down Day, which is being hosted by Eco-Schools Northern Ireland. School’s across the country will be focusing on energy saving measures to see just how much they can save by ‘powering down’ and being energy efficient for the day.  

Last year over 100 schools took part in World Days of Action ‘Operation Energy, Power Down Day’ and saved 4,000kWh of electricity, the same as powering down an average home for 450 days.  This year schools will be hoping for even better results, to underline just how much energy and money could be saved by being more energy efficient.

Josh Bradley, Corporate Communications at Airtricity said: “As Northern Ireland’s second largest and fastest growing energy provider, we take sustainable energy use and energy efficiency very seriously. Over the past 12 months Airtricity and Eco-Schools have been working together to equip teachers, pupils and communities with the resources, tools and technologies they need to make it easier to save energy, cut bills and reduce carbon emissions.” 

“Schools can lead the way in setting a sustainable agenda. As part of the Eco-Schools’ World Days of Action on Thursday 7th November, Airtricity and Operation Energy will promote a special ‘Power Down Day’ where schools make an extra effort to reduce their energy usage – that is a lesson which all of us should take on board.”

Carmel Fyfe, Eco-Schools Manager, TIDY Northern Ireland said:

“It is great to see so many Eco-Schools already signed up to participate in the Operation Energy Power Down Day and we are once again delighted to be supported by Airtricity with the initiative. We are looking forward to seeing just how much energy schools here will be able to save as a result of simple behavioural changes. Operation Energy is of real benefit to schools and offers our young people an engaging and interesting way to learn about energy saving in a way that links to the curriculum while instilling positive behaviour for future life.”