Responsible Investment

Focusing on the long term

_MG_3741.jpgSSE is one of the largest private sector investors in the UK. We invested over £1.5bn in essential new energy infrastructure for the UK and Ireland last year and expect to invest a similar amount this year. This investment is for the long term- many of the assets will last for 20, 50 or even 100 years.

In deciding what to invest in we therefore consider the impact and returns these investments will have over very long periods, we are not looking for a quick buck. We want to invest in a responsible way, taking careful consideration of risk, diversity, affordability, de-carbonsiation and overall economic impact - for the UK and Ireland as a whole not just SSE

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Energy Minister Pat Rabbitte visits Great Island

Pat Rabbitte, former Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources visits more than 600 workers at SSE's Great Island Power Plant.

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