Responsible Governance

Transparent about doing what is right

inveralmondhouse_872x355.jpgHigh standards of Corporate Governance are at the heart of being a responsible business. They set the framework for how a successful and sustainable business like SSE is run.

SSE complies with all relevant aspects of the UK and Ireland's Corporate Governance codes. But we also seek to go beyond this, through things like our transparent reporting on executive remuneration, a clear and effective approach to risk management and a code of business practice that makes clears to everyone working at SSE the importance of doing the right thing.

Corporate Governance and our Board

In line with our commitment to responsible corporate governance, and our responsibility to customers and shareholders, every year we publish ourCorporate Governance Statement setting out our approach in detail. The Statement covers:

  • the SSE team;
  • risk management and internal control;
  • how the Board works; and
  • the work each of the four Board Committees - Audit, Nomination, Safety, Health and Environment and Remuneration.


Bribery is defined as ‘giving or receiving a financial or other advantage to induce someone to perform their function or activities improperly, or to reward them for having already done so’.

We do not tolerate bribery of, or by, any person in any jurisdiction, wherever they are situated and whether they are a public official, body or private person or company, or by any individual, employee, agent or any other person or body acting on our behalf.

See our full policy.


SSE has received the Building Public Trust award, twice, for the transparency of it's executive remuneration reporting.

View an extract of last years report taken from our 2013 Annual Report.