SSE's Strategy

Sustainability is core to SSE’s business strategy and has been one of six core values guiding decisions and actions within the company.

We define this value as: 

Our actions and decisions are ethical, responsible and balanced, helping to achieve environmental, social and economic well-being for current and future generations. 

Our environmental, social and economic impacts are significant and we need a clear understanding of our most material impacts so we can actively manage them. This helps secure long-term commercial success and allows us to deliver value to stakeholders. 

The key challenges facing SSE are fully integrated into our strategy and business operating model. These are: 

  • Ensuring energy costs remain affordable for consumers 
  • The contribution we make to ensure the security of the electricity system in the UK and Ireland
  • Our contribution to tackling climate change

Our progress in responding to them can be found throughout SSE's Annual Report 2016.



Responsible House Oct 2016_For Web

SSE’s Responsible House was created in 2013 to bring our Sustainability value to life for employees across the SSE group. 

Our roof is SSE’s long established core purpose, which is supported by our Sustainability value – one of the six core values we have at SSE. 

Our aim is to make a positive difference to peoples’ lives and we have identified six core areas of impact (bricks) which we think best demonstrate how we are doing this. You can find out more about each 'brick' by using the menu on the left. 

All of this is underpinned by an ethos of ‘doing no harm’ to people or the natural environment.