OUR 2030 Goals

SSE has set four fundamental goals for 2030 which put sustainability at the heart of its business.


SSE’s business strategy places addressing the challenge of climate change at the very core of what we do – that’s why we have deliberately decided to link long-term business goals to the UN’s global goals for sustainable development (the SDGs).

These four goals are:

2030 Com Page Goals 01

2030 Com Page Goals 03
2030 Com Page Goals 02

2030 Com Page Goals 04

These goals help SSE achieve its vision of being a leading energy company in a low-carbon world.

SSE engages and works constructively with, a range of key stakeholders to identify the company's most material issues and to monitor emerging trends. It aims to be transparent about its impact on the world around it and discloses widely on its sustainability performance. For more information, see SSE’s Annual Report 2018 and Sustainability Report 2018.