Being Responsible in Political and Government Engagement in Ireland

The Regulation of Lobbying Act (2015) has been in place in Ireland since September 2015 and requires that all lobbying activity is reported every four months to The Standards in Public Office Commission (“SIPO”). The legislation sets out a legal framework for the monitoring and reporting of lobbying activity, including a public online register at

According to SIPO, lobbying is an essential part of the democratic process. It enables or facilitates citizens and organisations to make their views on public policy and public services known to politicians and public servants.

SSE Ireland management and employees engage with a range of external stakeholders to discuss the company’s position on a range of business, policy and public interest issues, to learn more about stakeholders’ views, and to hear their suggestions and address any areas of concern.

Working with public policy makers is a vital area for the company, given the high profile of energy and environment-related issues, and SSE does this in several ways including submission of consultation responses, meetings and dialogue with different government and non-government organisations, as well as active participation in relevant trade associations and other bodies. In all of its engagement with stakeholders, SSE seeks to adopt a straightforward and transparent approach, seeking outcomes that bring lasting benefits to customers and support the fair remuneration of investment in the energy industry in Ireland.

To deliver this we make sure our employees who engage with political and government stakeholders fully understand their responsibilities and the expectations of how they will represent the company through our Political Engagement Policy. This includes acting in a fair and balanced way, so that any employee advocating on SSE’s behalf must represent its position truthfully and honestly.

Furthermore, we have committed to publishing our lobbying returns for the Republic of Ireland on our website, which are submitted every four months. You can find our lobbying returns below: