Investment in Renewables

We believe that the energy industry in Ireland will need to be reshaped. We need to:

  • Reduce carbon dioxide emissions – Ireland has emission reduction and renewable energy targets to address the challenges posed by climate change. This means that the way in which Ireland generates electricity must change.
  • Diversify electricity generation - increased global demand for fossil fuels has led to fossil fuel resources becoming increasingly scarce, expensive and at risk of supply chain interruption.

Our renewable energy investments:

  • Improve affordability – rising demand from emerging economies is consistently driving up the price of fossil fuel resources. It seems inevitable that global demand will move to a point where it consistently exceeds supply.
  • Ensure energy security – an energy mix that is overly dependent on a limited number of resources is subject to fluctuations in international commodity prices and unforeseen upstream events – a diverse energy generation portfolio is more secure.
  • Decarbonise generation – SSE is committed to reducing by 50% the carbon intensity of electricity produced at power stations in which it has an ownership or contractual interest in over the period from 2006 to 2020.

We have invested over €1 billion in Irish renewables since 1997, and will continue to invest, in order to help diversify Ireland’s generation.