SSE's core purpose is to provide the energy people need in a reliable and sustainable way. Its strategy is to deliver the efficient operation of, and investment in, a balanced range of economically-regulated and market-based businesses in energy production, storage, transmission, distribution, supply and related services in the energy markets in Great Britain and Ireland. This means:

  • operating and investing efficiently is how SSE services its customers and makes investments to meet their long-term energy needs and also to earn the profit that allows it to give a return to investors;
  • maintaining a balanced range of economically-regulated businesses means SSE does not become over-exposed to any one part of the energy sector but can pursue opportunities in each of them where appropriate;
  • production, storage, transmission, distribution, supply and related services means that there is diversity of business activity in SSE but also depth through the focus on a single sector, energy; and
  • Great Britain and Ireland give SSE a clear geographical focus, allowing it to maintain and deploy strong experience and understanding of the markets in which it operates and to focus on the needs of the customers which it serves.

The financial objective of this strategy is to increase annually the dividend payable to shareholders by at least RPI inflation. This is because shareholders have either invested directly in SSE or, as owners of the company, have enabled it to borrow money from debt investors to finance investment, mainly in electricity generation and electricity networks, that will help to meet customers' energy needs over the long term.


Our full-year results presentation took place on Wednesday 18 May. You can replay our webcast here, or by scanning the QR code below, and you can access more information about our financial performance using the links at the bottom of this page.

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