Why Join SSE?

Why join SSE?

Our staff tell us that there are lots of good reasons to work at SSE. It's not possible to include them all, but we've highlighted a few of the key ones below, and we hope you'll agree.

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Development opportunities

We're committed to providing you with appropriate training to enable you to carry out your duties effectively, and to allow you to develop within the company. 

As we continue to grow and develop our business it’s vital we have the right development opportunities in place to help our staff prepare for and tackle the challenges ahead. Our philosophy is to grow and promote 80% of our managers and leaders from within the business.

Our development programmes and courses have been carefully designed to help us do this. Similarly, our popular eLearning centre is your gateway to online learning. Courses are fun, interactive and you’ll get immediate feedback on your progress.

Sharing in our success

People are our greatest asset. You’ve worked with us to make us successful so we would like you to share in our success. 

As well as discounts on energy bills, you can make regular savings with our Share Incentive Plan and Share Save schemes. And with the former, we even match each share you buy with two shares up to a maximum of six shares per month.


Innovation is part of our company strategy and helps us strive for excellence. We want to be smarter and more innovative and be the best in everything we do.

We have thousands of employees and each of us can play a part. You don’t have to wait for a ‘light bulb’ moment. Our reward based scheme gives you the chance to come up with all sorts of new ideas to improve our efficiency. We just need to hear them.

Safety and wellbeing

Safety is always top of our agenda and your health and wellbeing are important to us, so you’ll find we offer a range of benefits aimed at making life easier. 

Whether you need to book additional holidays or arrange childcare we can help you with some of life’s little worries. We understand how sometimes things seem to get out of control. 

Our Working Well programme gives you advice and assistance on a range of topics, including both personal and work related issues such as stress and pressure, relationship breakdowns, debt, bereavement, healthy eating, weight loss and smoking cessation. We do this because we care and we want to see that smile. 

If you enjoy working for SSE, we hope you’ll recommend us to your friends. So to show our appreciation we’ll also give you a finder’s fee if you introduce us to a new recruit - subject to certain conditions. How cool is that?


Sustainability is one of our company core values and we try to make sure it underpins everything we do. We focus our efforts in four critical areas: generation of electricity and operation of our sites; our employees; our customers, and our decision making. 

This could mean reducing our carbon footprint in respect of transport activities, or advising our customers on energy efficiency and demand reduction. We’re currently working to achieve a target to reduce CO2 resulting from energy consumption across qualifying sites by 15% within 5 years. 

As a company promoting energy efficiency to our customers, we must ensure we tackle our own and, if you join us, we’ll expect you to do your bit too.