SSE Airtricity Community Fund 2018

What is THE Community Fund?

The Community Fund aims to support energy efficiency and sustainability projects in the locality of our wind farms. The fund is paid out annually, starting one year after the wind farm starts producing electricity and operates for the lifetime of each site. The SSE Airtricity Community Fund is only paid out in respect of wholly-owned SSE Airtricity Wind Farms*.

*SSE Airtricity is also proud to operate the Community Fund for the Bin Mountain and Tappaghan Wind Farms in Co. Fermanagh on behalf of the owners, Greencoat UK Wind PLC.

Who can apply?

All communities within a 12 mile/20km radius of any of our wind farms across the island may apply. However, we place a particular emphasis on prioritising those community groups located within a 3 mile/5km vicinity of each wind farm. This application process is open to not-for-profit organisations only. It is not open to applications that support individuals. Individuals may apply for funding to support a community initiative.

Noted below are the opening and closing dates for each of SSE Airtricity's 2018 Community Funds.

Wind Farm County Opening Date Closing Date
Knockastanna Tipperary 19-Mar 06-Apr
Mullananalt Monaghan 02-Apr 20-Apr
Bindoo Cavan 02-Apr 20-Apr
Gartnaneane Cavan 02-Apr 20-Apr
Slieve Kirk Derry~Londonderry 30-Apr 18-May
Coomacheo Cork 28-May 15-Jun
Curragh Cork 28-May 15-Jun
Coomatalin Cork 28-May 15-Jun
Corneen Cavan 30-Jul 17-Aug
Bessy Bell Tyrone 06-Aug 24-Aug
Bin Mountain & Tappaghan Fermanagh 06-Aug 24-Aug
Slieve Divena II Tyrone 10-Aug 07-Sep
Meentycat Donegal 03-Sep 21-Sep
Dromada Limerick 03-Sep 21-Sep
Tournafulla Limerick 03-Sep 21-Sep
Rathcahill Limerick 03-Sep 21-Sep
Athea Limerick 03-Sep 21-Sep
Leanamore Kerry 03-Sep 21-Sep
Dunneill Sligo 03-Dec 11-Jan
Kingsmountain Sligo 03-Dec 11-Jan
Richfield Wexford 03-Dec 12-Jan
Tievenameenta Tyrone 17-Dec 31-Jan